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residue treatment and recovery of recyclable materials

AIK Technik AG (formerly BSH Umweltservice AG) are experts for the treatment and recovery of residual materials. We are committed to reducing environmental impact for future generations and to achieving maximum sustainability using specialized processes and technologies. Our innovative technologies permit the exemplary economic-ecological recovery of recyclable materials. Together we can make an active contribution to global resource management and climate protection.


As a system supplier in the areas of residue treatment and recycling, AIK Technik AG is a key player in the fields of environmental and recycling management.. By developing customized concepts and technologies, we can offer a consistent implementation of closed material cycles.

Waste incineration plants, municipal plants

Recovery of recyclable materials using AIK processes and technologies such as zinc recovery from fly ash. Removal of pollutants from waste water, e.g. mercury removal or heavy metal precipitation.

Pit & quarry industries


Customer-specific treatment plants for soil and excavated material as well as for sewer and drilling sludge. The utilization of modern clarification technology and flexible dewatering systems helps optimize the water balance and produces recyclable products that can be used in the construction industry.

Our strengths at a glance

Ecological and sustainable

We are firmly committed to environmentally friendly, sustainable and innovative technologies.


Optimized process-technology concepts save operating resources and thus help to reduce operating costs.

Efficient recycling

Residue treatment with subsequent recycling of recyclable materials is our key topic.

Personalized support

Customer support among our top priorities. We are at your disposal and happy to address your questions at all times.

In-depth expertise

Our staff have an average of 20 years of experience in plant construction - we know what we are doing and deserve your trust.

High standard of workmanship

A plant is a long-term investment that requires top quality – and we deliver top quality.

Transparency & open communication

We stand for a transparent way of working and open communication. For us, trust and mutual respect is the key to successful cooperation.

Turnkey plants

We deliver turnkey plants that fit your budget. We are committed to providing you with the best price-performance ratio.


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