Our services at a glance

Waste incineration plants

Recovery of recyclable materials using AIK processes and technologies, such as zinc recovery from fly ash, and pollutant elimination from wastewater, such as mercury removal or heavy metal precipitation.

  • Filter and fly ash washing (FLUWA process)
  • Mercury separation from contaminated wastewater
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Phosphorus recovery – Leachphos©
  • Spare and wear parts & consumables such as ion exchange resins

Pit & quarry industries

Customer-specific treatment plants for soil and excavated material as well as for sewer and drilling sludge. The utilization of modern clarification technology and flexible dewatering systems helps optimize the water balance and produces recyclable products that can be used in the construction industry.

  • Excavation and soil washing plants
  • Sludge removal (drilling and road shaft sludge)
  • Sludge treatment plants
  • Spare and wear parts

Other services

We value our customers. Comprehensive consulting and individual support are hallmarks of our services, which are always expressly tailored to the technical requirements of our partners. We can provide you with the best possible support in process optimization and problem solving. Our services include the following points:

  • Analyses of existing plants
  • Construction supervision
  • Concepts, feasibility studies and economic analysis
  • Optimizing processes on site
  • Planning of new and retrofit plants
  • Project execution
  • Partial and overall project management
  • Preliminary and draft planning