Fluwa process

Filter and fly ash washing (FLUWA)

Acidic filter and fly ash washing (FLUWA) forms the core of the AIK systems. In this process, zinc, copper, cadmium, lead and other metals are efficiently removed from the filter and fly ash in the extraction process after mercury separation in the acidic laundry wastewater. For the best economic and ecological utilisation, the FLUWA process exploits the synergies of the filter ash and laundry wastewater residues produced during wet flue gas cleaning. The result is secondary raw materials. After treatment, the remaining fly ash can be disposed of together with the slag in an environmentally friendly manner and without any problems at a landfill site.

Currently, the FLUWA process is used to treat more than 50% of the filter ash load generated throughout Switzerland. According to the motto “recycling before landfilling”, the FLUWA process enables the recycling of heavy metals and minimises the amount of residue to be landfilled.


AIK processes related to waste incineration are:

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