Waste water treatment

Waste water treatment (WWT)

The wastewater streams generated in a waste incineration plant must be cleaned so that they can then either be returned directly to the environment or fed into a public sewage treatment plant. One of the goals of cleaning wastewater in a waste incineration plant is thus to precipitate the heavy metals contained in the wastewater and return them to the recycling economy. The resulting hydroxide sludge is dewatered via filtration systems and, in the case of a preceding FLUWA process, fed to a metal smelter as a secondary raw material for zinc production. The residual separation of heavy metals is carried out by downstream selective ion exchangers, which result in wastewater free of suspended solids and heavy metals that meets all the requirements of the Swiss Water Protection Ordinance and can be discharged into receiving waters without any problems

AIK processes related to waste incineration are:

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